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Our brand was established in 2015 in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona by two entrepreneurs who are passionate about eyewear and possess over 15 years of industry experience: David S. (Raval-Barcelona) and David J. (Camden-London).

Why Raval?
Raval is a unique location in the heart of Barcelona. Its entrepreneurial, multicultural, and creative atmosphere makes it the perfect ecosystem to nurture our project. Here, surrounded by art galleries, tattoo studios, and
artisans specializing in textiles, metalwork, and ceramics, we work and design our products, drawing inspiration from the creative energy that surrounds us.

Each of our eyewear pieces reflects our dedication to handmade craftsmanship. We meticulously sculpt and craft every pair of glasses, focusing on the details
that distinguish us in the production of premium goods. Our commitment is to provide stylish, high-quality eyewear at a much more affordable price point
compared to our competitors.

Today, our brand is synonymous with quality and style. Our team shares our vision, and we aspire to continue spreading this diverse and multicultural spirit to the rest of the world. Currently, Raval eyewear is available in 19 countries, and we will persist in our efforts to reach every corner of the globe.


With an unwavering commitment to quality and design, each product in our collection is
meticulously crafted, seamlessly integrating craftsmanship and technology, and subjected to rigorous quality controls. We use only the finest materials, carefully chosen by our creative team, including premium metals, acetates, and
cellulose bioacetates sourced from cotton. Every component undergoes stringent stress tests to ensure its durability and resilience for everyday use.

Our extensive industry experience and deep respect for our customers drive us to uphold high standards, particularly when it comes to the wearing experience,
especially in the case of prescription lenses. This is why we exclusively utilize Carl Zeiss lenses, which provide a uniquely superior vision experience for all our prescription eyewear. Furthermore, all our lenses are equipped withUV filters.

It's important to us that you understand the level of dedication that goes into crafting each pair of glasses. Through a meticulous process involving over 45
steps and the involvement of around 15 skilled individuals, we meticulously oversee every stage to guarantee the utmost quality and excellence. Our
ultimate aim is to offer you a premium, exceptionally high-quality product at a fair price.

Product and compromise.


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