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Raval was founded in the Raval district of Barcelona by two entrepreneurs who love eyewear and have more than 15 years of experience in the sector, David S. from Barcelona and David J. from Camden, London.

Raval was born in the heart of Barcelona, in the Raval neighbourhood in 2015, surrounded by art galleries, tattoo studios, metal and ceramic artisans, we are imbued with the spirit of the neighbourhood and the energy to do things well.

Each of our glasses reflects our way of doing things. We believe in the people around us and that's why we created our community of gafapastas.

It's not important what you look like or where you come from, the only important thing is your attitude.

Incessant search for original detail, related to multiple styles.

Strongly anchored in cultural, artistic and historical diversity in a cool, open and exclusive way.

Raval Eyewear captivates from the artistic inspiration, fashion, trend, lifestyle, of a unique place in Barcelona.
Transmit the feeling that in each RAVAL glasses there is the incessant search to keep the Ravaleja culture alive, tireless, taking care of every
detail and every multi-diverse style of its people.
You are taking a part of the identity of the most intense neighborhood of the city.

Diversity. Cool. Identity.