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Our BAR for today,.


In Barcelona there are two bars called Manchester, although they have the same name and are owned by the same people, they are not the same.

The first bar is located in my beloved Raval and was the first Manchester to open its doors, the bar is long and narrow and is close to Calle Joaquim Costa. The first thing that strikes you is the decor, which is inspired by Rock and Roll from the 60`s and 70`s, there are posters on the walls and drawings on the tables. The lighting is red and is quite dark, so it gives a almost smoky bar feeling (even though there is no smoking!) and the music is always rock, so no Justin Bieber in here!

This is one of my favourite bars in Barcelona, I studied in Lancaster and we would often pop over to Manchester (the city) to go on nights out, this bar is similar, and always inspires nostalgia in me, particularly the music, with groups like: The Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, Stone Roses, The Clash, The Cure, David Bowie, Happy Mondays and many more.

One of the great features of this bar is the atmosphere, as it is always packed to the rafters with people, not the sort of place to go and chill out and is a great place to meet people.

Opening Hours: 19:00 pm til 3am


Manchester 1 Calle Valldoncella with Calle Joaquim Costa

Manchester 2 Plaza del Milanesat (a really nice square that is still quite unknown)


Manchester as a place has a very rich musical history, and tons of great groups have been born there, such as:


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