Nakashita is a sushi restaurant near to Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, Calle Rec Comptal,a wonderful place that fuses Japanese and Brazilian cooking. The chef is Marcio Araujo and he opened the doors in 2011 with the help of the architect Ignasi Forteza. It is worth noting that Brazil is the place in south america with most Japanese expats, and their foods mix really well.

I love this restaurant, the fact that you can eat Brazilian/Japanese sushi in Barcelona amazes me, a truly multicultural experience… when i went, it meant a guy from London was eating Japanese/Brazilian food in Barcelona! it´s a small world… the decoration and ambience are amazing. Its a small place decorated mainly in black with wooden details, really minimalist, and perhaps most importantly has comfortable chairs.

There is a wide menu, although not the most inventive the flavors are awesome! I particularly recommend the Naka Tosaka Uramaki! 

The space is divided in three parts, the bar, the restaurant, and the terrace (the place is tiny, about 20 people tops so you might need to reserve). I personally like the terrace as it allows me to use my RAVAL Bucanero`s particularly in the summer. All in all a cool place to chill out and relax, so if you are looking for something to eat whilst is Barcelona you should check it out!

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