The model Raval Eyewear Sputnink is named after the tattoo studio of the same name, located in the part of Barcelona known as Gracia, Calle Perla. A strong mix of tattoos available for all tastes, highly recommended! colours and grey, portraits and pictures... something for everybody!

We love the fact that they have modified the word ´Sputnik´, to combine the Russian space program (they even have a picture of the satellite on their shop front!) and ink, referring to the fat that its a tattoo studio and they work with...well, ink!

Sputnik-1 was the name given to the 50´s space program to check satellite viability, so the aim was to reach the stars! (always a good thing to do!) And the word ´sputnik`comes from the russian and means satellite, or traveling companion. This resonates here because this particular model is timeless, a style that is always relevant, dependable and goes well with any outfit, and therefore the Raval Eyewear Sputnink is the perfect companion for your travels!

The shape for this one was inspired mainly by two Hollywood icons, James Dean and the more recent Johnny Depp and the frames they wear. James Dean was a Rebel Without a Cause that scandalised 1950´s America, and Johnny Depp is an actor that refuses to be pigeonholed, a man who goes his own way..actor, musician, etc.

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