Lupita was a small bar in Raval that we used to visit before heading out to town in Barcelona´s city centre, the ethos of this place was captured by the co-partner Sergi Coloma who said that "small business must be understood in context, it must interact with the environment to improve the common good; we have to network". They fulfilled this collaboration with the neighbourhood in many different ways, for example on sunday mornings the manager of the bar is Victor from the grocers in front of the street.

They were also part of "La Verde" a cooperative/purchase centre group tha was made up of Las Fernandez, The House of the Praire and the Dragonfly designed to provide mutual support in the area.

The Lupita and Terracita were trying to creat a meeting place in Raval, a place to go to listen to music and chill out, with a wide repetoire of different styles from Flamenco to Rock and Roll, this place really encapsulated the eclectic spirit of Raval, and to top it of, they also had great food!

A real shame that this place closed, however, if you look around in Raval there is always something new to find....thats why we love it so much!

As always there is a famous face behind the name of the model, and the inspiration of the same. In this case it is Lupita Tovar, Lupita was her childhood nickname. Lupita was discovered by filmaker Robert Flaherty in Mexico, he invited her to audition for a screen test that she went on to win first prize and later given a 7 year contract by Fox Studios. The Studio had realsied that there was money to be made by shooting simultaneously in Spanish, English language productions.

In 1930 Lupita had a busy year, starring in various films, and in particular, Dracula. This film was arguably the invention of the cult phenomenon of Terror movies, and her acting in the film was electric, and was shot in both English and Spanish! (the Spanish version was shot at night, using the same sets! imagine the workload!!!). The film was produced by her future husband Paul Kohner

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